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A WebLicht service is simply a synchronous REST-style web service. The client establishes a HTTP connection to the service and initiates a POST request containing the input data. Depending on the service, the client can also set various processing parameters using the query string in the URL. The service processes the input data synchronously and returns the result as output data, using the same HTTP connection.

In order for the WebLicht services to be interoperable with each other, a common machine-readable XML-based exchange format called TCF (Text Corpus Format) is used. A typical WebLicht service processes annotation layers in input TCF to produce new linguistic annotations, it outputs TCF with these annotation added as new layers. The WebLicht tool-chaining architecture imposes a few restrictions on services TCF output. A Weblicht service is not permitted to change the linguistic annotations in the input TCF, it can only add new linguistic annotation layers to the document. A WebLicht service is also not allowed to add an annotation layer that already exists in the input document.

Creating a WebLicht Web Service

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