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Logging In

How do I log in to WebLicht?

Use your DFN-AAI account (provided by many universities and institutions) to log in to WebLicht.


If you don't know if you have a DFN-AAI account, click on the Start WebLicht button
above and follow these directions: 


You will be redirected to a page where you can choose your provider (ie your university or institution).

If you don't see the name of your provider in the list immediately, try entering a search term in the search box or clicking on the Locate me more accurately using HTML5 Geo-Location button.

If your provider is not listed, you can request an account from the CLARIN provider:
Click Help me, I cannot find my provider and follow the instructions there.

Once you have chosen a provider you will be redirected to that provider's login page. After entering your login credentials you will then land on the WebLicht web application page.

Can I use WebLicht even if my institute is not on the provider list?

You can request a CLARIN account. See How do I log in to WebLicht?