Work field 6: Training and education

Participating partners:University of Tübingen, University of Frankfurt, University of Gießen

Survey about user scenarios of language resource infrastructures

This survey wants to investigate, which computer based language resources have already established themselves in humanities and linguistic research. Moreover, we want to collect information about typical and frequent user scenarios of such resources.

This survey is intended primarily for humanists and linguists, who work with electronic resources.

In order to participate in this survey, please go to the front pageStartseite.

We'd like to thank you for your participation. The results of this survey will be published on this website.

Tasks and aims of this work field

Parallel to the development of an infrastructure, learning material should be developed and courses should be held, that address students and junior scientists in the fields of humanities and linguistics. This material should:

On the other hand, it can be expected that the participation of junior researchers will give impulses for the development and elaboration of the infrastructure. It is therefore necessary, to start early with training and education.

Learning material has to be configured in such a way, that it

This requires a modular design concept of learning material as Reusable Learning Objects that are orientated to eLearning standards.

The material is used and tested in virtual, web based courses, aiming for a large, supra-regional coverage.

Furthermore, an advise centre shall be established, that will be perpetuated continously in the following stages of the project.

The universities of Gießen and Frankfurt are going to develop and maintain learning material. They will get their input from the partners active in AP2 and AP5.

The university of Tübingen (partner 2) will use and test the material in courses related to the project and inform the above mentioned partners about the results afterwards. All other partners are more than welcome to use this learning material as well.

The three partners together are going to develop a concept for an advise service.