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TüNDRA - the Tübingen aNnotated Data Retrieval Application - is a treebank search application based in part on the popular but no longer supported TIGERsearch program.

TüNDRA is a web-based application that allows users to search, visualise and generate statistics from treebanks. A number of treebanks are provided, but users may also use the tool to explore resources developed via Weblicht. It uses a lightweight query language inspired by the widely used TIGERSearch application, offering. offering corpus linguists an interface for using corpora with complex annotation and syntactic links.

Using TüNDRA

TüNDRA is available via the WebLicht website at https://weblicht.sfs.uni-tuebingen.de/Tundra. Login is with any valid WebLicht access credentials.

Available data

TüNDRA can be used to explore data created in WebLicht. The application also provides access to the following treebanks: