WebLicht services

Your NLP tool can be easily integrated into the WebLicht tool-chaining. Wrap it by a RESTful webservice that accepts TCF input and/or produces TCF output and you are done!

TCF format

The TCF format (Text Corpus Format) is used by WebLicht services as a machine-readable format for representing and exchanging linguistically annotated texts. It enables interoperability of linguistic tools.

Before you develop a WebLicht service check the latest TCF specification and decide what layers of annotation your service will consume, and what layers it will produce. In case you are developing a service that produces an annotation layer that is not part of the latest TCF specification, contact the D-Spin development group (weblicht AT d-spin DOT org). It is possible to integrate new linguistic annotation layers in TCF and the specification will be updated.

Working with TCF documents


We offer the library for TCF - Java transformation, so that working with TCF data on client and server sides becomes an easy task. You may want to use this library if you want to integrate your tool into the WebLicht tool-chaining using Java.


Here you can find applications for viewing NLP tools processing results contained in TCF documents in a user friendly graphical interface.